KSh 950.00

A product with a four-step, readable measurement scale (02-05-08)

Product with over 98% accuracy

Certified product that meets international standards

Easy-to-use product


Alcotest consists of a glass tube, measuring substance – reagent, adsorption granules, filters, aluminium foil and two protective caps. Individual Alcotest components may pose a threat to life or health. When used incorrectly, the glass tube may break and cause cuts. Other elements may be swallowed. Throw the used Alcotest into a municipal waste bin. The used Alcotest poses no threat to the environment according to the European Union Directive. Do not leave the used Alcotest in a place, where it may be taken away by an unauthorised person.

Instructions to Use

1.Push the protective caps on both ends of Alcotest by pressing strongly./Pierce mouthpiece both sides of the breathalyzer.

2.Depending on the Alcotest model, insert the tube into the balloon. If there is no balloon, move on to the next step.

3.Take a deep breath and blow the air into the glass tube (twice, for about 10 seconds). If a disposable breathalyser includes a balloon, blow the air into the glass tube until the balloon is fully inflated.

4.Wait at least two minutes. If the colour in the central part of the tube changes, it means that you are under the influence of alcohol. After 5 minutes, the result may be unreliable.

5.Compare the colour with the colour scale on the packaging. The most accurate comparison results are obtained in daylight. The Alcotest reading similar to the one marked 0.2‰* on the packaging indicates that the blood alcohol concentration is 0.2‰* or more.


A product with a four-step, readable measurement scale (02-05-08);

A product enhancing the positive image of the company – promoting safe driving, building social responsibility;

Product with over 98% accuracy;

Certified product that meets international standards;

Easy-to-use product;

One-time test for testing the alcohol content in the exhaled air.

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